Why drinking green tea is good for your health

Why drinking green tea is good for your health

Despite being consumed and celebrated as a healthy drink in Asia for thousands of years, it’s relatively more recently that the health benefits of green tea have been studied more closely. At the same time, it's widely accepted in countries like the UK that “green tea is good for you”, even if drinkers don't know exactly why. So, why is green tea good for your health?

What is green tea?

Green tea is made from the same plant as white, oolong and regular black tea –  camellia sinensis, or “the tea plant.” The difference is simply the production methods that give these teas different colours and attributes. In short, green tea doesn’t undergo the same oxidation process that black and oolong teas do, which gives them their darker colour and keeps more of the good stuff in green tea.  

All of Dayside’s green teas come from the Yellow Mountain in China’s green tea golden triangle (hence our logo!). The lush climate affords our teas a strong but mellow flavour, with distinctive, rousing bouquets and a gentle caffeine kick – more on this below.

Green tea nutritional information

Although there are many nutrients, vitamins and minerals in green tea leaves, by the time you’ve brewed them into a delicious cuppa, they are so minimal that they are unmeasurable. No calories, sugar or fat (hooray!), but also no protein, carbohydrate, or fibre. There are measurable quantities, however, of calcium, iron and potassium.

Does green tea contain caffeine?

Yes, like other teas, green tea contains caffeine, which as a natural stimulant can help with alertness and focus. But at about a quarter of the strength of coffee, we’d describe it as that “gentle kick” mentioned above. This makes green tea a great substitute for your daily coffees if you are trying to cut down on the overall amount of caffeine in your diet, but you’re not quite ready to go “cold turkey.”

Caffeine behaves in a unique way in green tea. Thanks to its combination with other plant compounds found in the tea, it can increase your metabolism and fat burning to help with weight loss. 

The benefits of the antioxidants in green tea

We won’t go too far into the details of the science, suffice to say green tea is packed full of plant-based polyphenols called catechins, which are types of antioxidants. Among them is EGCG, which is believed to be 25 to 100 times more powerful than other antioxidants, like vitamins C or E, and has been seen to fight cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease and support brain function. Impressive!

What other health benefits does green tea have?

Studies and research suggest green tea may help to control blood sugar levels and manage cholesterol. And thanks to green tea being a source of the amino acid L-theanine, which increases dopamine and serotonin, it can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Which are Dayside’s green teas?

Blooming Flower contains a base of both silver needle and green tea, while Chunmee Green and Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made wholly of green tea.

Chunmee Green is brimming with bright flavours and mighty green goodness, and with 200g in a single pack, is great value.

Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls have all the benefits of green tea but with a smoother flavour and a rousing jasmine bouquet. This is thanks to the process of layering the hand-rolled balls of green tea with fresh jasmine flowers.

All Dayside green teas can be brewed multiple times so you can keep topped up throughout the day and stay in that sweet spot of calm and focus, all while knowing you’re drinking in antioxidants and doing your mind and body a favour.

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It's that time of year when we're all trying to be that best version of ourselves and stick to our new year resolutions. If yours is to be a littler healthier, why not stock up on some green tea to help you push play, pause, or power through whatever your day brings. 

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