How to brew the perfect cup of Dayside tea

How to brew the perfect cup of Dayside tea

The Dayside tea range hails exclusively from China's Yellow Mountain, with its lush climate producing excellent tea. Each of our five teas has different qualities, and indeed, personalities, so how do you brew each one to coax out its unique character and enjoy the optimum drinking experience? 


Our top tips for the perfect cuppa

We have three top tips that will see you right if you're not into the reading all  detail below for each tea (tl;dr).

1. Use fresh water

Use fresh water from the tap or ideally a filter jug to keep oxygen levels high and ensure a clean, bright taste.

2. Get the right temperature

Use just-boiled water for our Keemun Maofeng leaves to fully extract the polyphenols (tannins) for a full flavoured brew.

Chunmee Green, Silver Needle and Jasmine Dragon Pearls like things a little cooler to avoid turning bitter – just wait a few minutes after boiling before you brew.

3. Time it right

    A good rule of thumb for brewing time is 1-2 minutes for our white and green teas, and 3-4 for our black Keemun Maofeng tea.

    And what’s brilliant is you can re-brew with the same leaves at least three times over, just allow a little longer steeping time for each subsequent brew.


      How much tea should I use for a perfect cup?

      The amount of tea you use is all down to your personal taste, but we all have to start somewhere. Our guides below aim to give you a fresh, flavoursome, but not overpowering cup of tea. 

      Jasmine Dragon Pearls

      2-3g of tea (roughly 8 pearls or 1 tsp) in 150ml of water.

      jasmine dragon pearls serve in glass cup

      Chumnee Green

      1 dessert spoon of tea in 150ml of water.

      Keemun Maofeng

      2-3g (roughly 1-2 tsp) of tea in 200ml of water.

      keemun maofeng serve in glass cup

      Blooming Flower

      1 tea globe in 200ml of water.

      blooming flower serve in glass cup

      Silver Needle

      2g (roughly 2 tsp) of tea in 150ml of water.

      silver needle serve in glass cup

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      Choosing your teaware

      We have a selection of stylish, practical teaware to help you enjoy your perfect cup whatever you’re doing – whether you’re out and about or having some Zen time in the garden at home.

      Tea pot infuser

      Our easy-to-use tea infuser features a magnetic lid for drip-free pouring and a stainless-steel mesh infuser that keeps your tea clear from leaves. Each press provides 400ml of fresh tea, which for most of our teas gives you two and half cups (unless you have a big mug)!

      Follow these simple steps to use:

      • Remove lid.
      • Scoop your Dayside tea into the glass infuser.
      • Pour in hot water.
      • Replace the lid and leave to brew.
      • Press the button in the lid. The tea will pass through the stainless-steel mesh into the jug.
      • Pour tea from the jug. The magnetised lid will keep it sealed.
      • Refill infuser and repeat for as much tea as you like.


      Tea travel flask

      It’s easy to enjoy your tea on the go with our tea travel flask. The fine mesh strainer is designed to filter all types of tea. And the double-walled stainless-steel flask keeps your tea hot, cold, or however you like it best.


      • Remove strainer using steel grip.
      • Add your tea and hot (or cold) water.
      • Gently replace strainer ensuring an accurate fit.
      • Tightly close the screw top. 

      Mesh tea infusers

      Simple yet sturdy and made from stainless steel, our two styles of infusers are designed to use directly in your cup. Keep your cup topped-up to get the most out of those precious leaves.

      For our mesh ball infuser:

      • Add loose leaf tea to the open ball
      • Close the clasp and place in your cup, leaving the chain on the outside.

      mesh ball infuser in a cup

      For our mesh tong infusers:

      • Pinch the tongs to open the mesh head.
      • Add loose leaf tea to the open head.
      • Release the tongs to close the head.

      mesh tong infuser in a cup


      • Add water at the correct temperature.  
      • Brew in line with the instructions above. 
      • Remove the ball or leave it in for a stronger brew!

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      How to brew cold tea

      Our first instinct, of course, is always for a warming cup of tea, but all of our Dayside teas are just as delicious and even more refreshing when brewed cold – perfect for the incoming warmer weather.

      Cold-brewing your tea is the best approach, allowing a more subtle and naturally sweet flavour to develop.


      • Use a pot or jug with a filter.
      • Add double the amount of leaves recommended for a hot brew.
      • Add cold, freshly filtered water.
      • Leave in the fridge for at least two hours or as many as 12 hours (handy for overnight prep).
      • Serve as is, or add fruit slices, lemon juice or honey to your taste.
      • Pour into our double walled glass tea cup over ice, to keep things nice and chilly (and your hand warm).

      Even better, you can prep this in the morning, directly into our tea travel flask, and by the time you get to work, you’ve got a perfect cold-brew tea to enjoy.

      Happy sipping!

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