Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi there, thanks for stopping by Dayside.

For our first blog post we thought it only right to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about who we are, what we do and why we started Dayside.

What (and who) is Dayside?

We’re a new specialist loose leaf tea and teaware brand based on the UK’s South Coast. Our small team of tea-lovers work to make creating a daily healthy tea ritual easy and enjoyable for you.

As founders, Peter, Poppy and I share a love of tea, creativity and business (amongst other things). We believe life is at its best when we have that balance right: work, play, and time to relax with your family and friends.

We created Dayside to help you embrace every day with healthy, delightful teas to push pause, play or power through with – because we all need to sometimes.

That’s why our attitude is all about "brewing and doing".

The inspiration

The product that inspired us all is loose leaf Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea. Through trips to China, we’ve enjoyed drinking this authentic Chinese tea for the last 10-20 years (some of us longer than others) and have discovered other exquisite loose leaf teas during this time.

We aren’t tea connoisseurs, but we are tea-lovers, and we wanted to bring more of these delicious teas to UK consumers. We decided to combine our expertise and launch a brand to really celebrate these unique loose leaf teas, while bringing a new, laid-back but inspiring attitude to the tea category.

Our range

We will add more products in the future, but we’ll always keep our range streamlined and focused, so it’s easy to shop and the quality stays high.

With this in mind, our launch range is small but perfectly formed: five loose leaf teas and a handful of accessories to help you savour our tea when you have time, or enjoy it on the go when you’re in a hurry.  

All of our antioxidant-rich teas are grown on the Yellow Mountain at the heart of China’s green tea golden triangle. The lush climate gives the tea a strong but mellow flavour, with distinctive, rousing bouquets and a gentle caffeine kick to help you tackle whatever the day brings.

That’s why a sunny yellow mountain sits at the heart of our visual identity in the Dayside logo. 

We sell loose leaf teas to deliver exquisite flavour enjoyed hot or cold and all of our teas can be re-brewed several times meaning even less waste and more value for your money.

Our vision

Yes, it’s about tea. Our aim is to be your go-to UK tea lifestyle brand, where great tea, great value and great design infuse with your life, every day.

But, through the journey of creating the Dayside brand, we’ve realised we really just want to play a small part in helping our customers get on and embrace every day(side) with a positive outlook and those little rituals to help you “push pause, play or power through whatever life brings”.

That's why we called ourselves Dayside. It literally means "the side of a planet in sunlight", but for us it's also about the cycles of the earth, our personal rituals, turning to face whatever life brings and feeling awake (and present)!


If we're lucky enough to have you as a customer, we hope you enjoy our products and we'd love to hear what you think. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us at hello@dayside.co.uk.

Andrew and Team Dayside

PS – We're set on celebrating #everydayside, so use this hashtag on social media to highlight moments you've decided to pause, play or power through!

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